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Mary Cohr Hands-on Facials

Peel and Lift - Approx 60 mins £47.00,   Course of 4 £166.00
This in-depth renewal treatment with glycolic acid, brightens a dull complextion, lifts and rejuvenates the features whilst eliminating pigmentation and fading age spots.

Beaute Aromatiques - Approx 45 mins £44.00,   Course of 4 £162.00
Awaken your senses and rebalances the complexion. Using 100% natural essential oils in a deeply relaxing massage, this hands-on facial can be adapted to suit your individual skincare concerns ensuring your complexion is totally radiant.

Diamond touch microdermabrasion Express facial - Approx 15 - 20 mins £21.50
An Exfoliating facial designed to treat the following, Fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, sun damaged skin, dry skin and many more. Add a mask and massage for £42.00

Lift and smooth. - approx 30 mins £36.00> Receive all the benefits of the instantly lifting catiolift AND the Microdermabrasion in ONE treatment. Please note, this facial does not include any massage or face mask

the ULTIMATE facial - Approx 50 mins £55.00>Microdermabrasion, non surgical face lift, massage, Gold collagen face mask.3 fantastic treatments in 1.

  Age REPAIR - Approx 50 mins £65.50>Mary Cohrs newest and innovative facial that targets ALL signs of ageing. Uses pure vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and pro collagen. Exceptional results after just 1 treatment.  

Mary Cohr Facials using the unique Catiovital Lift Machine

CatioVital - Approx 60 - 75 mins  £51.50,   Course of 4 £188.00
Combining the benefits of science with nature, the catiovital facial incorporates the powerful benefits of essential oils with unique action of the Catiolift machine.
Purifies, rehydrates, soothes, nourishes and combats signs of ageing.

CatioLift - Approx 60 mins £51.50,   Course of 6 £278.00
An exclusive lifting treatment targeting the face,neck and eye area for visible anti-ageing results after just one session.
Designed to drain away puffiness, firm and tone the skin by the use of gentle stimuli.
20 minute "taster" session £32.00
CatioVital Lift - Approx 75 mins £67.00,   Course of 4 £256.00
Combines the deep cleansing of the catiovital as well and the benefits of Catiolift.
What more could you skin require. Cleansing, lifting and Regenerating for the eyes and face and neck.

Achieve ultimate results by adding a Collagen mask to CatioVital, CatioLift or CatioVital Lift £11.50

Eye Treatments

Catiovital Eye Treatment - Approx 30 mins   £32.00,   Course of 4 £116.00
Concentrating on the delicate eye area, this intense treatment will immediately erase dark shadows, reduce puffiness, lift the eyebrows and eyelids and soften lines and wrinkles. Incorporating gentle drainage with relaxing massage, the eyes appear bright and the skin looks smooth giving a youthful appearance.
Add this treatment to any facial - Additional 15 mins £19.00

Eyebrow Shape - 15 mins
Eyelash Tint - 15 mins
Eyebrow Tint - 15 mins
All 3 treatments - 45 mins

Eyelash Perming with Eyelash Tint - 75 mins £36.50
Make the most of your eyes with an Eyelash Perm, includes Eyelash Tint.
(Patch test required for tinting and perming 24 hours prior to treatment)

Ear piercing - 15 mins £17.50
100% sterile system, includes earrings and aftercare

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