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CatioVital Approx 75 mins 51.00
Combining the benefits of science with nature, the catiovital facial incorporates the powerful benefits of essential oils with unique action of the Catiolift machine.
Purifies, rehydrates, soothes, nourishes and combats signs of ageing. and stress. The face is deeply cleansed and oxygenated. The result a fresh, comfortable skin.

Purifying skin care - Approx 45 mins 43.50
Perfect for men on the go who still want to look their best. This express facial will leave the skin feeling and looking refreshed and revitalised.

Back and neck massage - Approx 25 mins 24.50
Will help relieve muscle pain caused by stress and tension.

> Back including shoulders from 21.50
> Neck 9.50
> Chest from 18.00

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