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Pulsar IPL

Intense Pulsed Light by Pulsar
> Permanent hair reduction > Rosacea > Spider veins
> Thread veins > Bacterial acne > Ageing skin
> Photo-rejuvenation > Pigmented lesions > Sun damaged skin
This visible I.P.L. treatment is safe and effective, virtually pain free, fast treatment and has proven clinical results. Unlike lasers the Pulsar intensed light (IPL) system does not emit a single wavelength of light, but instead a whole spectrum from ultra violet to inrfared. This broad band of light allows IPL technology to be used effectively for a variety of treatments for the skin listed above, which offer much greater flexibility than traditional lasers.

Lose 10 years in just 5 lunch hours with PULSAR…
the world's leading IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatment!

An effective solution to thread veins Once upon a time, it would have been impossible to imagine that in a matter of hours, we would be able to reverse time and regain our youthful appearance without the use of needles or invasive surgery.

Pulsar, a revolutionary third generation Intense Pulsed Light photo rejuvenation system, uses an advanced technique to turn back the clock and trials have shown that it is possible to lose up to 2 years in one treatment and as much as 10 years in just 5 treatments, with no pain or side effects.

Pulsar is consistently being modified to ensure it delivers the latest in light technology and has therefore gained recognition as one of the world's leading IPL systems. Offering quick and effective results and backed by thousands of 'before and after' case studies and testimonials, Pulsar is the ultimate 'lunch hour' treatment that sees fine lines and other signs of ageing reduce and in some cases completely disappear!


Face and neck from £250.00

decollete from £250.00

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