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Mary Cohr
Cleansing and Exfoliation
Soothing miceller cleansing water 200ml:   21.25
Fresh Cleansing Cream 200ml:   24.75
Soothing Cleansing Milk 200ml:   20.25
Soothing Toning Lotion 200ml:   20.25
Soft cleansing foam:   27.00
Perfect gel cleanser 125ml:   24.25
Lily Essences Mild Exfoliator:   27.25
Radiance gentle scrub- 50ml:   31.25

Heart Of Moisturization
Vital essences Dry and dehydrated skin. 15ml:   22.00
Light Moisturizing Cream 50ml:   35.25
Hydrosmose cream 50ml:   63.00
Diamskin 50ml:   73.00
Hydrosmose Mask 50ml:   29.50
Orange Energy Cream 50ml:   40.25
Mary Cohr Pure Environment 50ml:   64.25

Heart Of Youth
Glam pearl 30ml:   31.25
Wrinkle Smoothing Cream 50ml:   39.50
New Youth Cream 50ml:   86.00
Vital Essences Cream Devitalised skin 15ml:   22.00
Nourishing Firming Cream 50ml:   54.25
Vital Lift Cream 50ml:   54.25
Mary Cohr Ice Lift Mask 50ml:   38.25
Enriched New Youth 50ml:   86.00

Heart Of Purity
Vital essences Combination and oily skin 15ml:   22.00
Purifying MatiMask 50ml:   24.75
clarifying maticream50ml:   34.00
Acnight Regulating Night Serum:   39.75
Hydrating Matifluid 50ml:   28.50
stop imperfection:   19.50

Heart Of Nourishment
Vital essences cream Dry and nutritionless skin.15ml:   22.00
Nutri-Zen Cream 50ml:   56.75
Nutrizen Mask 50ml:   30.75

Heart Of Softness
Instant Anti-Redness Cream 15ml:   29.75
Multi sensitive cream 50ml:   52.00
MultiSensitive Mask 50ml:   30.25

Eye Contour Care
Eye Clean 100ml:   18.50
Eye Contour Acti-Serum 15ml:   35.75
New Youth Eye Contour Cream 15ml:   44.50
Eye Repair Mask 30ml:   33.25
Mary Cohr New Youth Lip Care - 15ml:   39.75

Body Care
Youth And Beauty Hand Cream 75ml:   15.00

Essentials For Nails
Nail Moisturiser 1/4oz:   7.50
Nail Moisturiser 1oz:   
Cuticle and Skin Gel 1/4oz:   7.50
Cuticle and Skin Gel 1oz:   17.90
Hand and Cuticle Cream 4oz:   
Oil Therapy 1/4oz:   9.00
Non-Acetone Remover 6oz:   6.50

The Professional Touch
Protein Formula 1 1/2oz:   19.90
Protein Formula 1 1/4oz:   13.00
Protein Formula 2 1/2oz:   19.90
Protein Formula 2 1/4oz:   13.00
Protein Formula 2 Plus 1/4oz:   13.50
Protein Formula 3 1/2oz:   19.90
Protein Formula 3 1/4oz:   13.00
After Artificial Treatment:   29.00

Pure Sun Care
New youth sun:   47.50

Australian Bodycare
Body Care
Pure Tea Tree Oil 30ml:   14.99
Pure Tea Tree Oil 10ml:   
Hand & Body Lotion 250ml:   15.99
Hand & Body Lotion 500ml:   25.99
Antiseptic Skin Wash 250ml:   12.50
Antiseptic Skin Wash 500ml:   22.99
Antiseptic Skin Wash 1 litre:   29.95
Hand & Foot Treatment 100ml:   10.20

Face Care
happy hands:   5.00
balancing face cream:   10.00
Tea Tree Active Face Cream 50ml:   13.50
Tea Tree Spot Stick 10ml:   5.99
Balancing Face Cream 50ml:   8.00
Facial Exfoliator 50ml:   9.49
Facial Cleansing Gel 250ml:   14.25

Hair Care
Natural Conditioner 250ml:   9.99
Treatment Shampoo 250ml:   9.30

For Men
New youth homme:   53.50
Soothing After-Shave Care:   33.75
Eye Fresh:   30.00

Salon Treatments
Facial Care
Body Treatments
Hair Removal
Hand and Foot Care
Pulsar IPL
Hair Removal
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