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Skin Clinic

Our aim at Aspects of Beauty is to provide solutions for all your skincare problems and needs.
We take pride in helping our clients to feel great about themselves and solving their skincare issues.

Please answer the following questions and we will recommend products suitable for your skin type, age and particular needs.

Your skin is: Normal
Your skin feels soft to touch. Skin tone is even without dilated pores or irritation. You rarely have any spots. If this is you, you need to protect your skin from the environment.
Your skin is fine and lacks suppleness due to lack of oil, and therefore it can feel tight, flaky, sore, irritated and uncomfortable. It can look dull and tired.
You skin may not feel as supple and soft as it used to. It looks dull and lacks in radiance. You may feel that your skin feels thirsty as is is lacking in moisture/water.
Your skin doesn't tolerate anything, touch, products, heat and the environment. It will react in many ways, redness, flakiness, feeling sore and tight. You may feel you need to defend and sooth your skin throughout the day
Your skin always feel greasy and congested with open pores. Shiny skin, imperfections and spots are the usually signs of an oily skin. The skin may feel uneven and rough and sometimes dull. All ages can have oily skin.
Your skin will have a greasy/oily T-Zone, forehead, nose and chin, with cheeks sometimes feeling tight or dry. Occasional breakout of spots with open pores.
Your skin looks less youthful, whether this is signs of ageing or fatigue. Your skin is losing its elasticity and firmness, your features are less defined and your jaw line is losing tone as well as signs of wrinkles.

You age is: under 20
between 21 and 30
between 31 and 50
over 50

What would you like to gain from the products(s): Firming
Your skin gains renewed beauty, skin become firmer and feels softer and younger, whilst lines appear to diminish
Your skin becomes brighter, with an even skin tone and luminous healthy glow.
Your skin will feel supple and radiant, nourished, comfortable. with all sign of tautness eliminated
Your skin will feel soothed, irritation calmed. Your skin will feel comfortable and softer and more supple.
Control oiliness and shine
Your skin will feel less oily, pores will appear finer and skin tone even and smooth, giving your skin a matt finish.
Your skin becomes supple and soft ,whilst regaining it natural radiance. Your skin breaths again and your complexion looks bright and healthy
Your skin will become calmer, irritation will begin to fade, redness will be controlled, your skin will feel comfortable and the tone will be more even.
First signs of ageing
Your skin looks younger, wrinkles begin to fade and skin looks and feels smoother and radiant.
Protect your skin from pollution and harmful effects of the environment. So your skin will feel protected throughout the day.

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