Ionithermie’s body treatments are tailor-made to the area that you wish to treat. They are the leading anti-cellulite treatments in the UK and have additional benefits of firming, toning, inch-loss and detoxification.
These treatments not only have fantastic results but also include a back, scalp and face massage – a truly relaxing experience!
Ionithermie’s bust and body treatments achieve dramatic results and a course of treatments is recommended with the added use of Mary Cohr Homecare Kits to enhance and prolong the results.
Ionithermie ‘Cheek Lift’ – Approx 60 mins

An exclusive treatment targeting the bottom area.
Designed to give a lift to the bottom as well as reduce unsightly ‘orange peel’ on the bottom and thighs.
This treatment also tones the tummy.

Ionithermie Hip & Thigh Sculpture – Approx 60 mins

Aimed at targeting those stubborn saddle bags, this treatment is designed for people that have heavy legs and a pear-shaped figure.
The skin becomes smooth, muscles are toned and legs are svelte.

Ionithermie Tummy Trim – Approx 60 mins

An intensive treatment targeting loss of tone and soft fat around the midriff area.
Providing dramatic results this ‘hard-to-tone’ area becomes tighter, more sculpted and flatter.

Ionithermie ‘Bust Lift’ – Approx 60 mins

Aimed at improving the overall shape of the bust and décolleté, this treatment also targets the upper arms.
The bust area is visibly lifted, the skin is toned and smoothed, whilst the arms are firmed and contoured.

Ionithermie Arm and Tummy Trim – Approx 60 mins

You can forget pumping iron – our Arm and Tummy trim effortlessly tones your upper arms! Providing instant long-term results for firmer, more toned triceps and tighter abdominal muscles for a flatter stomach.

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