Ionithermie’s body treatments are tailor-made to the area that you wish to treat. They are the leading anti-cellulite treatments in the UK since 1979  and have additional benefits of firming, toning, inch-loss and detoxification.
Ionithermie’s  body treatments achieve dramatic results and a course of 6 treatments is recommended for the best results.
Ionithermie ‘Cheek Lift’ – Approx 60 mins

An exclusive treatment targeting the bottom area.
Designed to give a lift to the bottom as well as reduce unsightly ‘orange peel’ on the bottom and thighs.
This treatment also tones the tummy.

Ionithermie Hip & Thigh Sculpture – Approx 60 mins

Aimed at targeting those stubborn saddle bags, this treatment is designed for people that have heavy legs and a pear-shaped figure.
The skin becomes smooth, muscles are toned and legs are svelte.

Ionithermie Tummy Trim – Approx 60 mins

An intensive treatment targeting loss of tone and soft fat around the midriff area.
Providing dramatic results this ‘hard-to-tone’ area becomes tighter, more sculpted and flatter.


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