Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are harmless excess pieces of skin often found in areas of friction on the body such as neck, under arms, around the bra line etc. They are easily and safely removed causing little pain or damage to the skin tissue.

£45 per 15 minutes of treatment.

Red Vein Removal

Red veins around the nose or cheeks are tricky to cover  up with make up. After a few sessions they can be significantly smaller and even disappear completely.

£45 per 15 minutes of treatment

Milia removal

Milia are those annoying white spots that just won’t squeeze out without professional help. A tiny probe and some heat easily removes these with minimal skin damage.

Blood Spot Removal

Blood spots can be removed by cauterising the supply.

£45 per 15 minutes of treatment

Mole Removal

Coming Soon

Wart Removal

Coming Soon

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