Mary Cohr Facials using the unique Catiovital Lift Machine

CatioVital – Approx 60 – 75 mins  £57.00   
Combining the benefits of science with nature, the catiovital facial incorporates the powerful benefits of essential oils with unique action of the Catiolift machine.
Purifies, rehydrates, soothes, nourishes and combats signs of ageing.

CatioLift – Approx 60 mins £57.00
An exclusive lifting treatment targeting the face,neck and eye area for visible anti-ageing results after just one session.
Designed to drain away puffiness, firm and tone the skin by the use of gentle stimuli.
20 minute Express lift  £34.50

CatioVital Lift – Approx 75 mins £72.50

2 fantastic facials rolled into one deliciously relaxing yet extremely results driven super facial!    Combining  the deep cleansing section  of the catiovital facial  as well and the instant lifting and muscle strengthening benefits of the   Catiolift facial .
What more could your skin require? Cleansing, exfoliating,  lifting, strengthening, massage  and skin regeneration  for the eyes and face and neck.


Achieve ultimate results by adding a Collagen mask to CatioVital, CatioLift or CatioVital Lift £14.00

Mary Cohr Hands-on Facials


Phytoxygene – approx 45 mins  £50.00

An exclusive treatment method that detoxifies and oxygenates thew skin using the power of nature.  A real “breath of fresh air” , this treatment allows the skin to freely breath again, leaving it perfectly clear and radiantly beautiful.  A “hands on ” treatment involving Phyto Exfoliation, Pro – Oxygen Mask and a serenity massage .  perfect for dull and dry skin

Age SIGNS REVERSE – approx 50 mins £70.00

Discover the newest ultimate anti ageing treatment for your face, neck, decollete and backs of hands from Mary Cohr. Clinically proven to effectively target signs of ageing. This treatment will firm and smooth the skin whilst revealing a radiant glow.

Age FIRMING – approx 50 mins £70.00
relaxing and de stressing
An exclusive skin care method that provides global firming action and immediately attenuates signs of ageing and fatigue in the face, neck and decollete.  Your face and decollete will be visibly firmer plumper and lifted .  Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away and your face will appear visibly younger.
TEENAGE FACIAL 13 – 18 years
Help congested and hormonal skin with a deep cleansing sauna mask, Blockages are easily removed and regulating products applied.
£28.50 30 mins

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

Diamond touch microdermabrasion Express facial – Approx 15 – 20 mins £28.00
An Exfoliating facial designed to treat the following, Fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, sun damaged skin, dry skin and many more. Add a mask and massage for £45.00.

Lift and smooth. – approx 30 mins £41..00
Receive all the benefits of the instantly lifting catiolift AND the Microdermabrasion in ONE treatment. Please note, this facial does not include any massage or face mask.

the ULTIMATE facial – Approx 50 mins £57.00
Microdermabrasion, non surgical face lift, massage, Gold collagen face mask.3 fantastic treatments in 1.

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